A lakihegyi adótorony építése, 1933. A Postamúzeum gyűjteményéből.

Construction of the Lakihegy Tower, 1933.

Škoda 110 R (1970-1980). 
Photo: me.

Škoda 110 R (1970-1980). 

Photo: me.

First gen Toyota Tercel (1978-1982). Photo: me.

1980 BMW M1 AHG Studie via RM Auctions

Four Hungarian made sand toys, c1960. Photo: me.

Friction powered Mercedes Benz 300 police car with moving light siren and antenna. Ichiko. Made in Japan, c1960. Photo: me.

"Anatomical Venuses" were life-sized wax anatomical models of idealized women, extremely realistic in appearance and often adorned with real hair and ornamental jewelry. This one is from the workshop of Felice Fontana, Florence, Italy, circa 1780-1785. From the collection of the Semmelweis Museum, Budapest.

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This series of four pictures taken from gun camera film show the beginning of the end of a Russian-built MiG in an air battle high over North Korea, May 18, 1954.

The”kill” was recorded by the camera in a U.S. Air Force F-86 “Sabre” jet flown by 2nd Lt James L. Thompson of 210 Thomas Drive, Monroe Park, Wilmington, DE, a member of the 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing who was credited with the destruction. During a combat patrol in MiG Alley, two MiGs jumped Lt Thompson’s element leader. The two “Sabare” pilots then lined up on the enemy pilot who, using his speed brakes to slow his flight, caused the “Sabre” jet leader to overshoot. Lt Thompson, in the meantime, lined up on his quarry and opened fire. These pictures tell what followed.


VAZ-2102 (Universal) “Combi”. Photo: me.